Saturday, April 19, 2008

Review: Cookie Magazine

I have magically been receiving Cookie magazine for the past few months. I'm not sure why it started ending up in my mailbox, with my name on it, but it did. Maybe it's a mistake. Maybe it's a gift subscription. Either way, I've been getting it, and I've been trying to read it.

But I have yet to see any real articles, any really good ideas, any fun mom-kid crafts, despite the front cover's announcement of such. Really, all I see are lots (and lots) of ads. In fact, every other page (and more!) is a full page ad. There are snippets of articles interspersed, but rarely do these "articles" give any more than a single page worth of material. Perhaps the magazine is geared toward moms who have little more than a minute or two to read it, but I for one don't have the time to scour each of the pages in search of the article amidst the ads. Even from the pictures I cannot draw inspiration for my family time. Most of the pictures are not of happy families doing activities together, but of products I simply cannot afford. I am a stay at home mom. I don't wear Tiffany's jewelry, or $220 perfume, or use $30 soap.

So I'm not impressed. I'm frankly underwhelmed. The cover is deceiving in it's allure to the average mom. Cookie claims to be "All the best for your family" but I just don't see it. This is one magazine I will be happy to let the subscription run out on, whether I paid for it or not.

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