Monday, April 21, 2008

My Solution: Fridge Magnets

I love fridge magnets. I think they're a great tool for helping kids learn the alphabet and it gives them something to play with in the kitchen so they're not so underfoot. Unfortunately, my daughter preferred to spread them all over the floor when she was finished playing with them, and thus my kitchen looked like this all too often:

Please tell me it looks familiar to someone else out there, too! It drove me CRAZY. Always stepping on those little magnets. Ellie running into the kitchen and slipping on them. I tried to make her pick them up, but it was just a long, tedious, tiring process every time.

So one day I was at Target and I found this little pouch to go on a fridge or filing cabinet. I bought it as a place for us to put our receipts instead of having them pile up on the counter. It was a hot spot reduction purchase, so I was okay with the price. It was around $5.

I got home and really liked how it looked on the fridge, and then I realized it would probably work well as a place to store those pesky fridge magnets, too. Sure enough, they fit nicely inside. My fridge front was a whole lot less cluttered now! But the real test was whether or not Ellie would still play with them, and what she would do with them once she was done playing. You know what? She recognized that they have a home now and she puts them away when she's done using them! The few times they do end up all scattered on the floor (usually when one of her little friends is playing with them, too) I just ask her to pick them up and she puts them all back in the pouch! It's pretty amazing. She's happy, I'm happy.... it's a win-win for us.

I'm sure you could make something like this yourself. It's just a fabric pouch with four heavy duty magnets sewn into the back. But I don't have the time right now to make one, and I really like how the brown looks on my white fridge. So while I think $5 is sort of pricey for a little bin to keep magnets in, it's a small price to pay for a little bit of order and sanity in my day.

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