Monday, August 31, 2009

Mommy and Ellie Day

Today I needed to run into town to pick up some pictures at Costco. It was the only thing from town that I needed, so when Eliana asked if we could go to the Museum of the Rockies (or the Dinosaur Museum, as she calls it) I sarid yes.

We had a great day. We went through the exhibits and she rode in the stroller when I asked her to or held my hand when I asked her to, and asked to get out and see things close up (or play with the interactive ones) and didn't whine. She did a great job. We made our way through the TREASURE exhibit first, and then through the rest of the museum. When we were done with the Dinosaur exhibit (which we always do last, because she loves it and would spend the whole time in there if she could!) we went upstairs to the children's play room. We were the only ones in there for about half an hour, then as we were getting ready to leave another family came in. This is where the only problem of the day was, because she didn't want to leave once her "friends" were there. Still, she didn't throw a fit, didn't scream, or cry, she just tried to ignore me a couple times and then got into her stroller like I'd asked and told her friends goodbye. When we got out to the car she asked if she had obeyed me. I told her that overall she had a wonderful day and I was very pleased with how well she obeyed, but that when she didn't get into her stroller like I asked, that was disobedient. I am really pleased that she wants to obey.

After MOR we were driving down the road and I asked if Eliana wanted to go to the dollar store. She usually doesn't, but this time she said she did. So we went. She has several friends with birthdays this fall, and I am usually running way behind on gifts, just getting something the day of. It's sort of stressful. So this year I'm trying to get them taken care of early. =D I already have one or two gifts, but really want Eliana to learn about gift giving herself. So she was allowed to pick out two girl presents and one boy present for the first round of birthdays. She chose a fairy wand for one girl (which is perfect for that girl, I must say!), and a set of 3 squishy balls for the other girl (which she insisted the other girl would want, even when I suggested other things I think she might like better. This gift really is from Ellie, and I love that she tried to get things FOR that person!), and she decided that the boy would like some dinosaurs. They are nice-sized sturdy dinosaurs, so we actually got 4 of them and that will be his gift, picked out by Eliana all by herself! I was proud of her. I also let her get one gift herself, but she had to choose between two things she really wanted: a fairy wand (that makes sounds) or a set of heart barrettes. It was a tough choice and she wavered back and forth, but eventually chose the wand and stuck with it. She didn't even complain when we had to put the barrettes back.

I am excited about Ellie getting to give gifts she chose herself. It means a lot more this year than it did last year, when she seemingly randomly picked out things that she wanted herself and had a hard time giving up. This year she chose them FOR those people and she knows who they go to. She also made birthday cards by herself, which will be another post. 3 is an exciting age, I think!

All in all our Mommy-Ellie day was great. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and is sleeping now. It's not ideal, but I'm glad for a little peace and quiet, even if it means a later night tonight. We have been trying gluten-free this week, and the days we go GF (like today) are great! Her attitude is better, we have fewer fights.... It might just be worth the switch.