Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great ambitions....

I had great ambitions of doing sidewalk chalk with Ellie today since it's been so nice outside the last few days. And wouldn't you know we woke up to a full-blown blizzard and a few inches of snow this morning. So Ellie is sitting at the table coloring with her Color Wonder markers instead.

I think I'm going to make cards with some of these pieces of artwork she colors. She's all about coloring right now and covers the entire paper with little colorful scribbles. We only give her a half sheet of paper each time, so I could get two cards out of each one. I love her artwork, and I will scan some of it for posterity, but I don't think the Color Wonder markers and paper will last forever (the color changes over time and in response to the sunlight, so whatever the chemical reaction is that makes the Color Wonder markers and paper work together fades with time), so I'd like to use her drawings for something instead of just throwing them away. I will keep some of the crayon drawings for sure, and scan in some of the Color Wonder drawings so I can see how her coloring has changed with time, but you just can't keep everything. If I think of how much artwork she creates now, how will I handle it when she goes to school?? We'd have to get a storage unit just for her creations! So I'll start the process now... keep some of the best drawings (I will probably scrapbook them), scan some of the others, and then use them to make birthday and thank you cards for her friends and family. This could be a good thing.

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