Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cleaning her room...

Today we asked Eliana to clean up her room by herself. We checked in on her every so often and reminded her to keep cleaning, but once she got it into her head that she was cleaning her room she did it pretty quickly and effectively. She cleaned her room by herself! Oh, what a beautiful day!

When Eliana does something, especially if it's something you've asked her to do and she's done, she responds EXTREMELY well to praise. She loves to be told what a good job she has done. And when you ask her to do something, like putting all the blankets on her bed instead of all over the floor, she will run back and report to you that she has done it. She's very excited about obeying once she's in the right mindset.

I think Leif is much better at praising her for her accomplishments than I am. And I find that weird, because I am the type who needs that affirmation myself, and he is not. So you'd think I'd think to give it to her right away, but I don't. Perhaps it's all the practice Leif has had praising me for the things I've done that makes him so good at it. Whatever it is, you should just see Ellie's face BEAM when he tells her what a good job she's done.

I need to remember to praise her more often for her obedience. I consider obedience a really big deal, so I should treat it like a really big deal!

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