Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tips and Tricks: Tablecloth clips

Do you remember those cheapo tablecloth clips that hold your tablecloth down on a picnic table? I remember them vividly from my childhood summers eating outside (usually holding down a vinyl checkered tablecloth). I found a set a few years ago for $1 at Joanns with their retro picnic supplies. The silly nostalgic in me picked up a set and thought I'd use them someday.

Well, I've found a use for them!!

Instead of holding a tablecloth to a table, I use them to hold down a large sheet of newsprint (you can buy end rolls at our newspaper for just a couple bucks). The paper completely covers the top of a card table and Ellie can color to her heart's content without me worrying that she's going to color on the dining room table. She loves it. Here she is coloring with a friend last week:

Ellie really likes to color on the BIG paper!

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