Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let the cute food continue!

We've been in full on Valentine's mode for about a month now, thanks to letting Ellie watch an episode of Caillou in which they celebrated Valentine's day. I guess I should be happy they weren't celebrating the 4th of July or we'd be in red, white, and blue for months!

So because of the recent heart obsession and Ellie's daily desire to "make heart cookies for my friends, Mommy!" we made other heart shaped food instead. Like toast and eggs!

Heart and Arrow Egg Toast

Heart and Arrow Egg Toast

It took longer to make, perhaps, than regular eggs and toast, but again with my firm belief in cute food. ;D And really, it isn't difficult to do and has a kind of cool effect once it is finished. Ideally, the eggs would be cooked sunny side up so you could dip your toast cut out into the yolk, but I only used white for mine and Ellie's yolk got scrambled, so it didn't really work out that way for us. So here's what you do...

1. Toast a slice of bread. Really, though, you could just butter both sides of the bread and flop it into a pan. When the first side is toasted, flip the bread over and proceed to step two...

2. Spray a metal cookie cutter with oil and cut a shape out of the center of your toast. Remove the bread cut out and let the undone side finish toasting in the pan.

3. Replace the metal cookie cutter in the shaped hole in the toast and crack your egg into the cookie cutter. This will keep the egg contained as it cooks. Because you sprayed the cutter with oil, the egg shouldn't stick to it.

Star Egg Toast

4. When the egg is thoroughly cooked, remove the cookie cutter from the toast, carefully separating it from the egg. The egg should be cooked into the toast at the bottom, so the egg will stay put. If you want to, you can flip the toast and egg over at this point to brown the egg slightly in the pan. Because they're cooked together, the egg won't fall out of the bread.

5. If you want more butter, now is a good time to re-butter the bread, let it melt, and enjoy!!

Star Egg Toast

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Lisa said...

So many great ideas. I love your blog!