Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BPA Free... and cute to boot!

Lately Eliana has been hooked on her sippy cups. It doesn't matter what's in them, she just wants a sippy cup. For comfort. And she doesn't want to drink out of a real cup for dinner.


So I bought Ellie some new cups yesterday at Costco, just like her friend Zoe has. These Contigo cups are great! They're leakproof when sealed (though Ellie did discover right away that she can push down the button and pour out of her cup - which she promptly got in trouble for), but the spout opens up for drinking when you push the button. That means no more sucking to get the liquid out! These are big girl cups! And actually, they are recommended for ages 4+, but it seems to me that they are fine so long as the kiddo can coordinate pushing the button, tipping, and drinking all at the same time.

I didn't get the cups BECAUSE they were BPA free, but it is a nice feature. They're also dishwasher safe and don't have extra little valves to pull out, which is nice. Just two peices, the cup and the lid. And Costco's got a 4 pack of them for $12 less than Amazon. I love Costco. =D

Now I'm going to go freecycle MOST of Eliana's sippy cups. Not all of them, I will keep the 4 Gerber ones, but I will freecycle the rest. I really want to break this sippy cup habit!

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