Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week 1: A

So... Ellie's been in a learning spurt lately and I'm finding myself needing to have more activities for her that encourage her discovery and learning. SO... I think we're going to try a letter a week for a while. This week we learned A. Here's kind of how it went...

- Ellie learned how to write the letter A, both capital and lower case.
- Ellie learned the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden.
- Ellie reviewed the verse for A - "All we like sheep have gone astray..."
- Ellie learned about Apples, including their parts, how they grow, and how the apple can serve as an illustration of the trinity.

She did some worksheets, she did some coloring pages, she made some art, read some books with me, and played a lot, with our focus being on the letter A, the story of Adam, and Apples.

This week in particular I liked how well our verse (about going astray) fit with the story of Adam and the fall, as well as our discussion on Apples. It all worked very well together!

Next week we are doing the letter B, so we'll see how well that goes!

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