Monday, November 30, 2009

The Play Room

I don't know that I've ever posted pictures of our downstairs play room, but I cleaned it yesterday, so I took a few pictures. Half the room is our family room, with a couch, chairs, the TV and Wii and the fireplace. The other half the room is Ellie's play area. The corner is set up for Little People and Trains right now. Here's what it looks like:

play area

The Little People table is actually a train table I got off freecycle. It's perfect for keeping all her Little People up off the ground, though, and is nice for her to be able to stand up and play instead of stooping over onto the ground. I usually have it set up differently than this, but I just picked up the pieces instead of rearranging them on the table. Usually the road in the middle has little driveways that lead to each of the other Little People play stations.

little people table

The train table is also one I got off freecycle. It's not as pretty, for sure, but that just means I didn't feel bad about gluing the train set to the table. =D After months of other kids coming over and pulling the set apart (even after we SCREWED it to the table!) and ripping the pieces off the table, I decided I was over it and just glued it down. I don't even know if it will fit back up the stairs with the track glued down, but I don't care. Ellie can actually play with her train set now and other kids don't destroy it every time they come over. I used a LOT of glue. So the table was free, and the set itself we got for Ellie last Christmas for $30. Not a bad deal if you ask me! It's got a lot of trees and houses and animals and people and more cars and train pieces that go with the set, too, but they are in the basket underneath the table. Again, I was cleaning, not playing. =D

train table

I also have a little table and chair in the middle section. Ellie colors here, or plays with playdough. She doesn't use it very often, but it is nice for her to have a little place to create that is not back in her usual art area in my craft room. Sometimes I just like to keep her out of there. =D

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