Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Soy yogurt....

... is a hit!!! My homemade cottage cheese alternative? Not so much. But hooray for soy yogurt!

On the behavior front, yesterday we went to kindermusik. This is one of the places where Ellie is usually crazy. And yesterday? She actually sat on the blanket and listened to the story and interacted with the teacher. That's the first time she's done that since we started going to kindermusik in September. Really! She didn't try to sit ON the other children. She didn't HAVE to climb over everyone to sit right in the front. She didn't try to turn the pages while Christa was reading the story. She didn't stand up and block the view for the other kids. What a change!!

Just to be clear, she wasn't perfect. I still took her out in the hall twice because she was following another little boy when he was running around the room instead of paying attention and following directions. But her distraction and following was normal 2 year old behavior, not crazy girl! Previously she didn't follow the other kids when they were off topic because she was too busy doing her own thing to even focus on being distracted by them!

So I have something new to work on with Ellie: obeying the teacher even when other kids are not. But that is a good thing to work on, and something we actually CAN work on now that she isn't just crazy all the time. So much for "Milk, it does a body good." eh?


Jaime said...

That is so interesting how the milk has been affecting her! I look forward to hearing more positive effects of no milk. I've heard others say similar things, but never really been in close contact with anyone that had a milk allergy.

Glad she liked the soy yogurt! :-)

Mory said...

Will be interesting to see how the next Symphony goes. If I had half the energy to get creative like you....
If you come across any really good cheese alternatives, let me know!
I think we have the chicken pox here this weekend, so no tennis!