Friday, July 18, 2008

Sacajawea Park

Back in June we went on a little overnight roadtrip to Yellowstone. On the way home we stopped in Livingston for some ice cream and stumbled upon Sacajawea Park. Now, I'm sure everyone else already knows about this place, but we did not. In fact, even after we found it, we thought it was just a nice little park with a gazebo, some picnic tables, and a couple merry-go-rounds. Then we walked a little further and saw some swings and a wading pool. After spending a little time on the swings I looked across a field where people were playing horseshoes and saw this:

"Hmm.... I wonder what that is?" I thought. So we trekked over to check it out. WOW! Seriously. Check. It. Out...

Only one entrance/exit. No escaping kiddos! Easy to keep tabs on them if they can't run off as soon as you turn your back!

Big kids play area. Castles. Slides. Scary places too high for toddlers, but great for big kids.

And a whole section (again with only one entrance/exit) JUST. FOR. TODDLERS/PRESCHOOLERS! Nothing they can fall off of and hurt themselves. Just places to climb and play and slide and jump on. Perfect for imaginary play with a barn (complete with Trex animal decorations!) and a tractor and other fun things!

Ellie's grandparents and I took her there again yesterday. She loved it. Just ran and played and had a blast. We brought a picnic lunch and made a morning of it. The whole playground is shaded, which is nice. I didn't have to fight with her about wearing a hat that falls off when she plays. Of course, she wouldn't keep her shoes on, but there is nice, soft bark everywhere. Not the big pokey stuff, but the shredded nice bark. There's much more to the playground than I showed in my pictures. It's huge. It's worth the drive to Livingston. It's a GREAT park.

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