Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reward System

Ellie is not old enough for a reward system yet, at least not one as complicated as this one. But this is the first reward system that I have really really liked, so I want to remember it. It's basically a point system, and the points are earned each day for doing various things. Points are set for each task (like brushing teeth, getting dressed by self, doing chores, etc.) and they can be redeemed for different things, from a cup of juice or chocolate milk, to an extra 15 minutes at bedtime, to a tv show, or whatever the parent sets. Not only do I like the idea behind this particular reward system, but I really like the cute way this mom implemented it. When Ellie is old enough, I'd like to do this, too.

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Tamara said...

sweet. i really like that system, too, and will have to remember it when davey is old enough. such a cool idea. and i love the jars, the laminated cards and all that good stuff. so cute!